Erik ten Have – EMT Lead Trainer
After completing my EMF in 2020 I experienced major shifts in my life. My connection to my family became closer, my anxieties about the future disappeared and money came to me easily. 

I had never experienced living in flow like this. I went from a hustling entrepreneur to a spiritual being in flow.

I wanted to share this amazing experience and became Peter’s Lead Trainer in 2020.

I have created the Elite Mentorship Trainer program together with Erik Bakker, where we are teaching Peter’s trainers how to sell and facilitate their own EMF.

Now I am on a mission to turn you on to also be the best version of yourself, for you to live a life without compromises and excuses, to live with passion and power so you can express the gift you are to this world.

If you want to go on a 6-month journey with us in the Elite Mentorship Forum. We would be honoured to guide your journey and be the custodian of your greatness.

Let’s do this ! 


Erik Bakker – EMT Lead Trainer
I did not become the Lead Trainer for Peter’s flagship program “Elite Mentorship Trainer” by accident. I manifested it by applying everything that I have learned in EMF. I am literally a testament to Peter’s work. I have done Sage Business School online with Peter Sage in January 2018 and I made the conscious decision NOT to live a life of mediocrity anymore. 

I joined EMF5 later that year. While applying the learnings I saw major shifts in myself, my life, and the people around me. I realized that if I wanted to produce more results, I needed to stay close to my new peer group. It is always easier to be where you are at than changing direction. That is because your physical body is wired for comfort, your soul is wired for growth.

That why I decided to join EMF6 in June 2019, and I continued to apply everything that Peter teaches in the EMF program. I met Erik ten Have in 2019 and we became Community Managers for Peter’s EMF and in 2020 we built the EMT program for Peter.

My mission, together with Erik ten Have is to guide people through the Elite Mentorship Forum and REDIRECT your direction of TRAVEL.